Tuesday, 27 February 2018

It May Be Some Time Before We Go Positive Again

So far Tuesday as been a day of snow showers as forecast. Between the showers we've had some sunny periods, enough to melt some of the snow that's fallen.

Outside it feels bitterly cold even in the sunshine. One of the points the forecasters have been emphasising is the wind chill factor associated with the easterly breeze.
Temperature & Wind Chill Records 27 February 2018
At 16:00 on Tuesday the temperature has just dipped down to freezing point and, looking at the weather model forecasts for the next few days, it will be awhile before the temperature gets back into positive territory.
Image from web site http://www.wetterzentrale.de
As you can see from the above chart which runs to early Friday morning we're forecast to be below zero at least until then. Looking at models which extend the forecasting period then it looks like we might have to wait until Saturday morning before we manage to get above freezing point again. 
Image from web site http://www.wetterzentrale.de
This would be an unusual and very cold spell of weather for us. It looks so nice outside through the window.


  1. Still very cold and snowy here, too. Only the snow is much higher because the latitude is lower.

    1. We seem to have missed most of the snow so far. We have been lucky to miss the worst of the snow this winter. Our luck might run out soon.


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