Sunday, 19 February 2017

Smoke and Snowdrops

Saturday became our new mildest day of the year as the thermometer hit 13.3°C or 55.9°F.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 16-18 February 2017
We are in a mild spell of weather for February. After our cold, wet and windy day out on Thursday, we felt we'd have Friday out too to see if our luck would change. We decided to visit Hodsock Priory in Nottinghamshire where they open their garden especially for the snowdrop season.  We set of in drizzly rain which as we headed south turned into heavier showers. By the time we arrived at Hodsock Priory we had left the rain behind.
Hodsock Priory, Blyth, Nottinghamshire
We arrived a little before lunch. We'd planned for the possibility of having to visit a few other venues as, being our first visit to the gardens, we didn't know what to expect. We decided on a quick tour of the more formal gardens before lunch.
Lunches were served in what reminded me of the Bake Off tent.
We had a look inside the marquee on a couple of occasions and it looked busy. We decided to have a walk into the oak woodland area and return for some lunch a little bit later. However, a few minutes later, located in a clearing, in the woodland we came across the woodland cafe.
This was complete with outdoor picnic tables and an open log fire. Here we ordered a couple of sausage butties and drinks before setting off to explore the snowdrops in the woodland.
There certainly are thousands of snowdrop throughout the oak woodland.  After a walk through all the woodland snowdrops we returned to the more formal garden area for a better look around. There's plenty of other early flowering bulbs and plants on show besides snowdrops.
We needn't have planned any other visits as we spent the rest of the afternoon looking round the gardens.

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  1. How lovely to have a log fire in the outdoor eating area. The snowdrops look beautiful in the woodland.


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