Friday, 3 February 2017

Huge Parsnips

Thursday equalled our mildest day of the year so far, as the temperature reached 11.6°C. However, it wasn't a particularly pleasant day as it remained overcast all day with spells of light drizzle in the breeze. It didn't actually rain though.
Temperature Records for 02 February 2017
Even though it wasn't that brilliant a day we decided on a visit to the plot. We're in the process of refurbishing our perennial flower border and we needed some more fresh vegetables. We managed to pick some sprouts and dig up parsnips and carrots as well as doing a little bit more work on our perennial flower bed.
Brussel sprouts - Crispus, carrots - Autumn King, and parsnips - Gladiator
Even though some of our parsnips have forked it doesn't affect the taste at all and each root provides plenty of parsnip to eat. They can be a bit difficult to get out of the ground without doing too much damage to the root as the video below shows.

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  1. That's some monster parsnip!!! My rule for parsnip harvesting is always to do it sideways. That is: excavate a hole beside the parsnip and shift it sideways before trying to pull it up the way.


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