Monday, 27 February 2017

Behind Already?

Sunday finished up not being too bad a day. The trouble was that even though we had some sunny spells there were very dark clouds about threatening a downpour. The dry weather won out and we didn't have any more than a few spots of rain through the daylight hours. It was another very mild and breezy day.
Temperature, Solar Radiation and Rainfall Records for 26 February 2017
If you're not sure of planting dates for your crops in the UK, I came across a link to this web site that may be of some use to you. It's called

If you are in the UK there are option to select which varieties of fruit and vegetables you are growing and also where you are growing them. Once you've done this you can produce a month by month listing broken down into weeks of what you should be sowing, planting out, harvesting and pruning.
Planting, Pruning, Sowing, Planting and Harvesting Tasks for Wakefield West Yorkshire
I've had a look through the timings for Wakefield, based on my typical dates for the tasks, and they seem reasonably close and certainly act as a reminder of what jobs need doing at any time of the year.

I really need to get our leeks sown. Perhaps as a result of sowing a bit later over the last few years our leeks have been a bit on the small side. I think the other tasks are all in hand as I prepared our early brassica bed last week and our early cauliflowers will arrive as plug plants next month.

I must admit it might be a few weeks before I get round to preparing our autumn cauliflower bed. For one thing I haven't got as far as working out which bed it will be under my crop rotation system.


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