Saturday, 25 February 2017

Frost Free February?

It is just possible that we might get a frost free February.  More accurately I should say a February without the temperature falling below 0°C or 32°F. It will be the first time this has happened in my seven years of weather recording.
Temperature & Rainfall for February 2017
Like December and January, it's also been another dryish month. The drier winter weather has allowed us to get some winter digging done on the allotment but the recent rainfall has left some of the soil on the wet and claggy side.
It doesn't help that, in this bed, stiff clay is less than a spit deep and that prevents water draining away.
I've still to decide whether to cover the bed with weed control fabric. There are lots roots left in the soil which are impossible to remove in the soil's present claggy, clayey condition. I don’t want the lumps of soil to completely dry out as,  with the amount of clay in the soil, they'll resemble bricks. Covered in weed control fabric the ground will dry out more slowly which will hopefully give us chance to break down the clods of soil and remove as many of the roots as possible.


  1. I can sympathize. I have clay, adobe, the kind missions were built of. Can't work in it till it dries out a bit.

    1. We've some lovely bits of soil and some that are more clay than soil. It's a nasty reminder trying to dig over the clayey ones.


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