Sunday, 5 February 2017

Looking Brighter

It's been a mild damp start to February. Although we've had some rain each day it hasn't amounted to very much totalling only 6.6mm or 0.26in.
Temperatures and Rainfall Records 01-05 February 2017
All of a sudden we have flowers appearing in the garden. Those promising buds of a few days ago are now open.
Iris - Katharine Hodgkin
Iris - Joyce?
We've a few different varieties of iris in our front garden all coming into flower but they're not labelled and whilst we thought we knew which ones were which we are not at all sure now. Even knowing the names and comparing photos on the Internet doesn't help a great deal. It doesn't stop them from looking good and reminding us that spring is on its way even if we have to wait a few more weeks.


  1. Those early blooms are so pretty in blue!

    1. I expected our snowdrops to be in flower first.


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