Monday, 20 February 2017

Free Refurbishment Time On The Allotment

We took advantage of a mild weekend to get some more sorting out done on the allotment. I think that anything we get done now is a bonus. It's a sort of free time to get work done as there are no other jobs that need to take priority such as planting and harvesting. Our rose bed refurbishment was completed and Sue has started to clear an old rhubarb bed. Refurbishment of an area cleared of a large conifer tree last year continues and we plan a little wildlife area near the greenhouse.

The video that follows shows the progress we made over the weekend.


  1. A lovely satisfying crunch when the spade went through those irises. Your compost set up is brilliant, love it. And how lovely to hear that birdsong all the way through, wonderful. It's always a pleasure to have a look round your allotments and see how everything is doing.

    1. The bird song is good but it's the quiet ones we have to look out for. The wood pigeons sitting on the over head wires waiting for some greenery to be uncovered.


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