Friday, 25 November 2016

Winter's Here

Wednesday and Thursday were dull winter days and although the sun did make some sort of effort to break through the clouds on Wednesday, it made no effort at all on Thursday.

On Wednesday I'd taken my new toy, my DJI Osmo (from now on known as Gimbaly), for a walk in Rothwell park to give its new z axis stabiliser a test. It hadn't been very successful but I thought it was probably my fault for not getting the connections secure. The picture kept disappearing and reappearing on my phone so for most of the time I had no idea what I was recording. It turned out that the video colours were all washed out too which is not what I expect from Gimbaly.

With connections all checked it was time for another quick walk around the park on Thursday to undertake another test run.

This one was certainly more successful than the previous day as Gimbaly and my phone remained in contact with each other throughout the walk of about 6 minutes.
I've grabbed a still image from the video showing how many of the trees have lost their leaves and are now in full winter mode. It definitely wasn't the best of days to be testing out video as by the middle of the afternoon when the filming was done the light was already failing badly.


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