Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cold and Wet

Friday turned out to be cold and wet. For an hour or so in the morning it was nice and sunny but the clouds soon rolled in and that was the last of the sunshine for the day.
Temperature & Rainfall for 18 November 2016
Around lunchtime the rain fell with some wet, sleety snow mixed in but it never showed any signs of settling. By the end of the day the day's rainfall came to 11.2mm (0.44ins), nothing exceptional. Through the daylight hours the temperature hovered around the 3.5°C (38.3°F), on the cold side even for late November. Without having any remarkably cold nights this November is so far turning out to be the coldest of the last few years.
November Average Temperatures 2010-2016
It is going to have to remain cold to match that 2010 temperature by the end of the month, though and the forecast at the moment is for milder weather to return by the middle of next week.

The cold and at times windy weather of the last few days has cleared most of the leaves off our acer.
It looked good at its best over the last few weeks.


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