Friday, 18 November 2016

Computer Updating Update

The weather has gradually deteriorated as we've progressed through the week. The week began on a milder than expected note but has steadily fallen to a little colder than we might expect.
Temperature and Rainfall 15-17 November 2016
After a rather calm spell of weather it became windy on Wednesday and that continued into Thursday when we had some rain thrown in for good measure.

I've continued moving over all my "stuff" from my old to new computer. It's certainly a frustrating job and I've now moved over all I can think of but there is bound to be lots of things I've forgotten. A list of unknowns if you like. I know this because they crop up by accident as I start to use my new PC more and more. A piece of software wants a username, a password or a product key before it will do anything even though it's now installed on my new machine. Do I really want to know if my email uses POP or Imap? The answer is yes if I want it to work as it's done for the last seven years. Software sometimes asks for a password but it isn't always immediately obvious which password it refers to unless you are some sort of computer expert.

To keep me from going insane I've helped Sue with a few jobs in the garden. We though it was about time the outdoor pots of more tender plants were moved into the greenhouse for some winter protection.
First job was to clear the spent tomato haulms from the summer crop to make some space for the pots. I even managed to find one or two usable tomatoes.
All our tubs have now been moved inside. I'll probably throw some fleece over them if any very cold nights are forecast but other than that they'll have to take their chance with the weather. If anything is killed off over winter I think it's cheaper to buy replacements next spring than any attempt to add extra heating into the greenhouse. I'll keep them as dry as possible and hope that we don't get any prolonged spells of cold weather.
I think our banana is showing just how tough it is as it is still green even after standing outside in last weeks snow.


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