Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Into the Freezer

Sunday wasn't all that bad for November and Monday was a lovely sunny November day. We decided on an afternoon at the allotment.
However, we've paid the price for that lovely sunny day as with clear skies overnight the temperature plummeted to a low of -3.7°C or 25.3°F.
I didn't have a little image of the lowest temperature and by 08:00 it was warming up a fraction. As far as records go it doesn't make it into our top twenty coldest days but it is the third coldest November day in six years. My record for November is -7.6°C (18.3°F) on 28 November 2010 with -4.4°C (24.1°F) taking second place on 27 November 2010.

I did take a little bit of video during our visit to the allotment on Monday afternoon. If you'd like a little late autumn tour the video is below.
The forecast is that after another sunny day on Tuesday but temperatures could fall even lower overnight into Wednesday morning. Watch this space.


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