Saturday, 12 November 2016

Computer Replacement Time

Thursday and Friday were improvements over Wednesday although they didn't have to do too much in order to achieve that. A little bit of sunshine and a few heavy showers were the order of the day on Thursday whilst Friday was sunny and dry and a little bit milder.
Friday was nice enough to tempt us outside and we had a visit to RSPB Old Moor for an afternoon walk around the reserve.
The time has come for my computer to be replaced. It runs my weather station so it runs 24/7. It's easier that way to keep all my weather data up to date. I don't have to work out which weather data has been downloaded from my weather station to my computer or whether it's been uploaded to the Internet. Checking back it means my computer's been running for almost 7 years non stop. It can still run reasonably well at times but then it seizes up refusing to do anything. It can be most frustrating waiting for something to appear out of a black screen.

Besides figuring out how to transfer seven years of weather data and all the associated internet requirements the other major challenge is to transfer all my photographs which are all stored using Adobe Lightroom. There's lots of help on the Internet and YouTube explaining how to transfer images and also how to transfer and connect them back to the Lightroom library with all their keywords.

This is my way of saying that if you notice things going a little bit haywire over the next week or so you'll know I've done something wrong.

Blogging will be on hold for a few days until things are sorted out.


  1. Computer Replacement Time, three words that strike terror into my very soul. I'm wishing you the very best of luck. Gorgeous sky at the RSPB reserve. We haven't been to Slimbridge for two or three weeks; must go soon, the Bewick's swans are starting to arrive back from Siberia with their young. There have been six cattle egrets roosting there as well, worth a look I think.

    1. Blogs from RSPB Old Moor report lots of exciting birds but we never see them when we visit. Reports at Old Moor of starling murmurations late in the afternoon. Might have to revisit one afternoon. Seen reports of the Bewick's swans returning on Slimbridges Facebook page.


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