Thursday, 4 August 2016

Well This Isn't Much Like August

Wednesday was a hotchpotch of a day weatherwise. A shower of rain early in the morning before it turned windy (well windy for August) for the remainder of the day. We had some sunny spells and it felt hot in the sunshine and out of the wind as the afternoon temperature reached 22.8°C or 73.0°F.
Rainfall, Sunshine, Hi Wind Speed & Temperature Records for 03 August 2016
I've at least one row of potatoes waiting to be lifted on the plot as the haulms have died down. It seems a bit early in the season to be leaving the bed unplanted for winter so I've sown some lettuce and salad leaves in modules in the hope that they can be planted out in the plot in a few weeks time.
My main problem will be keeping the slugs and snails at bay. So far this year has been hopeless for growing lettuces as they've been eaten at all stages of development by slugs or snails with the result we've been almost lettuceless all summer. Maybe now I can have a bit better success.
Rose - Mermaid
At least our roses have avoided the onslaught from slugs and snails.


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