Monday, 22 August 2016

A Busman's Holiday

We've had a drop more rain over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon our visit to the plot involved a number of dashes to the shed to avoid the frequent showers.
Temperature & Rainfall Saturday, 20 to Monday22 (morning) August 2016
As is the way with showers when we arrived back home on Saturday teatime it looked as though Ossett had missed all the showers. In all, Saturday's and Sunday's rainfall together with some overnight into Monday morning amounted to 12.2mm or 0.48in.

On Sunday we had a trip to North Yorkshire to capture a bit of video of the world's most famous steam locomotive and then on to Beningbrough Hall which is looked after by the National Trust.
It's amazing how soon kitchen garden areas are past their best. Already the walled kitchen garden had a few areas left bare where presumably crops have already been cleared away. It's always good to compare "expert" kitchen gardens with your own especially if you think that your own little plot isn't doing too badly in comparison.


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