Sunday, 28 August 2016

I Did Want a Drop of Rain!

Up until a few days ago we'd had a very dry spell of weather and while it would have been good for drying off our onions if the dry spell continued the plot badly needed some rain. Over Thursday and Saturday it certainly got that with 21.2mm on Thursday and a further 14.8mm on Saturday. Needless to say we haven't got any gardening done over the two days.
Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine Records 25-27 August 2016
In the space of three days August has gone from being a dryish August to a wettish one. We've had some very heavy rain at times but not the heaviest of the year.
Rainfall Intensity for Ossett in 2016
The record is still held by the 01 July 2016 with 79.0mm/hr or 3.11"/hr. The highest intensity over the last few days was 53.5mm/hr (2.11mm/hr) on Thursday.

Luckily we chose Friday to have a day out and visit Scampston Hall and Gardens which is near Malton in North Yorkshire. Somehow sandwiched in between two very wet days was a lovely sunny day, just what we needed for exploring the Walled Garden and surrounding parklands. 
The Walled Garden was designed in 1999 by Piet Oudolf and is considered to be of the "New European Garden Style of planting. In contrast to this more modern design of the Walled Garden. the parkland at Scampston was designed around 1770 by Lancelot "Capability" Brown.
We will certainly be returning to Scampston to have a look around the gardens and grounds at different times of the year.

Now some sunshine would be good to do a little bit of harvesting and digging down on the plot.


  1. Magnificent garden! So lush and green!

    1. We thought so too Malar. We'll have to have a return visit.


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