Sunday, 7 August 2016

Best Day of the Month

Saturday was a lovely August day with the afternoon temperature reaching 25.1°C (77.2°F). We had lots of sunshine and only a gentle breeze.
Our strawberry harvest has come to an end but we are already doing some planning for next year's crop. This year some of our new varieties grew really well producing excellent plants.
Strawberry - Cambridge Favourite
Others however didn't do very well at all and we will have to replace some plants next year.
Strawberry - Vibrant
As you can see Vibrant didn't live up to its name and the plants grew very poorly. All the plants were in the same bed and given the same treatment producing such vastly differing results but its obvious that Vibrant doesn't like the soil or hasn't been suited to this year's weather conditions. Either way we are planning on replacing it with Malwina which grew well, producing an excellent crop of late season strawberries.  We've already potted up runners from our plants to fill the space left by the Vibrant plants. In some cases we've had a good crop of strawberries but a plant has died or is not growing very well and we have potted up some runners from that variety to fill any gaps.
Strawberry - Marshmello
We'll need to ensure that the pots don't dry out if the weather stays dry and once we think that once the runners have rooted they can be cut away from the parent plant.


  1. Best night of the summer here, ioo. Overnight was 64. Finally we can sleep again. I like that you have posted temperatures in both F and C.

    1. We use both F And C although I suppose C is our preferred option.

  2. I have same situation here too. Some vegetables will be doing so well while others on the same bed fail! Hope you have good harvest of strawberries next season!

  3. best wishes from asia dear have blessed weather


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