Saturday, 13 August 2016

Contrasting Summer Days

Thursday was a pretty horrible sort of a day for August. It remained cool and cloudy all day with a gale force wind for good measure. We decided against a plot visit thinking that there would be much better days to visit but then worried that our tomatoes in the plot greenhouse might be thirsty and so decided on a quick visit just to give them a drink.
We just couldn't help picking a few bit and bobs while we were there.

Friday in complete contrast was much warmer and sunnier and Thursday's gale force wind had died down resulting in a lovely summer's day.
We decided to visit the nature reserve at Potteric Carr run by The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The birds generally kept out of camera range but the damselflies and dragonflies were much more accommodating. Most of my photos have been consigned to the delete box but this photo of a family of swans didn't turn out too badly.
It was a bit of a challenge to get a photo when all three had their heads above water at the same time but thanks to that magical burst mode on my camera I got the shot I wanted.
This is the view from the hide where the swan photo was taken and yes the swans can just about be seen in this shot too.


  1. Visit to the plot was so good that you can harvest so much vegetables and fruits! Look at those sweet peas and the flowers! They are so abundance! ;)

    1. Our little flower patches on the allotment have done well this year.


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