Friday, 19 August 2016

A Day Out to Gibraltar

We've had a very nice three days, nothing approaching that record August temperature that some newspapers reported, just some lovely sunshine and temperatures into the low 20's Celsius or low 70's in Fahrenheit.
Temperature & Sunshine Records for Week Commencing Saturday 13, August 2016
After a day harvesting and watering on the plot and a day tidying up a few things in the garden we had a day out to Gibraltar Point nature reserve near Skegness. The reserve is looked after by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
Out to sea we could just about spot seals basking on a sandbank but they were too far away to capture any really good images but as you have probably guessed that didn't stop us having a go.
The reserve also has some freshwater marshes where our zoom lenses were stretched to their limits again to capture some shots of egrets and avocets.
Now we are standing by for some long awaited rainfall on Friday afternoon. The forecast is for heavy rain all afternoon but will it be correct?


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