Monday, 1 February 2016

Steam and Potatoes

The weekend was cold and miserable but it didn't stop us from visiting the Great Central Railway's Winter Steam Gala. We were lucky to miss any showers that were around although there were a few snowflakes falling late into the afternoon.

There's obviously been plenty of rain in Leicestershire judging from the amount of water in the railway car park. Some puddles were the size of a mini lakes.
It wasn't an afternoon to be very far away from the cafe. A cup of coffee is great for warming fingers back up after they've become numb spending a couple of hours clicking away in freezing cold weather taking photos.
Fortunately all the necessary facilities are well sign posted. 

The Great Central Railway always seem to manage to arrange for a few historical vehicles to be on show in the car park. This particular vehicle wasn't on show but it looks as though it needs a bit of TLC.
Heading home on Saturday evening we encountered some snow showers on the M1 as we headed north but nothing too serious. Once we were home the snow showers continued and around midnight we had a covering of soft, slushy snow.

By Sunday morning the snow had disappeared but the weather continued cold and damp - not out of the ordinary for the end of January. One of our local garden centres had arranged a potato weekend where it was possible to sample a selection of potato varieties cooked in different ways. If you find any that you like, individual tubers can be purchased. We tasted a few different varieties and then decided to buy a few tubers of some varieties we've never grown to see how they perform in the plot and more importantly how they cook and taste.
In the end we finished up with 5 tubers each of six varieties each for £1.00. As you’re allowed to pick out your own tubers I went for the biggest I could find. To be honest all the tubers on sale looked to be in excellent condition. Now I've got to keep them that way until planting time.

The varieties we chose are listed below.


  1. It must be very cold over there! So your plot will have new varieties of potatoes this season! ;)

    1. So far Malar it's been a mild winter compared to what we can expect. I'm looking forward to some milder spring weather though. We've quite a few varieties of different potato to try this year. hoping some of them turn out to be successful.


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