Monday, 22 February 2016


Sunday turned out to be this February’s warmest day of the month reaching 14.3°C (57.7°F) early in the afternoon. Saturday was mild too and indeed if the only thing you take into consideration is temperature then you’d think we had a good weekend weather wise. That, however, wasn’t the case as it’s been windy all weekend and for the most of Saturday and Sunday it’s tried to rain too without ever really managing to do so.
As the weather didn't do anything to persuade me work outside in the garden I decided to try improving my white flower photography. I decided to try on our orchid which has just come into flower. Camera on burst mode and manual focus I tried a couple of shots- well about 50 to be a little more accurate. Then the tricky bit deciding which was the best shot. 
That looked better than my snowdrop efforts last week so I decided to try some snowdrops but this meant going outside. As I looked out of the window Woody arrived, perched in the magnolia tree and looked to be asking for his photo taking - so I did.
Once Woody departed I ventured outside to try my luck at photographing some snowdrops in close up. It didn't take more than a few seconds to realise it wasn't going to happen as the flower heads were blowing about too much in the gale force wind. After a few days when we thought our snowdrops were never going to come into flower they’re now almost fully out. 
 In a sudden calm spell, I did manage this close up of one of our hellebores.
The forecast for next week is for colder conditions to return so perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to loose the gale force winds of the weekend.


  1. Is this Woody the one that looked so tatty earlier back last year? If so it looks much better now & if not the same bird, this one looks in good health!

    1. I'm not sure if it's tatty Woody or not S&D. I think we've three regular wood pigeons about, well I've seen three at the same time, and they all look in good trim now. I assume tatty Woody is now much better. I'll let Woody know you asked after him/her.


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