Saturday, 20 February 2016

Chitters Spared

It’s been a mixed few days with some long sunny spells some days and dull at other times. Clear skies overnight have resulted in early morning frosts. The thermometer in the greenhouse got down to -3.7°C on Tuesday morning and was again below zero on Friday morning. I was hoping our potato tuber chitting in the greenhouse would survive the cold with only a few layers of fleece for protection. It’s been chilly in the greenhouse over the last few nights as the table below shows.
It was nice and sunny on Friday morning so I decided to venture up to the greenhouse and see how our potatoes looked. I pulled back the fleece from a few potatoes and they looked fine and a gentle squeeze of the tubers confirmed that they hadn't been frosted and remained firm and not squelchy when tested.

Our apricot, which is grown in the greenhouse had its first few flowers opening in the morning sunshine. 
I'm rubbish at taking photographs of white coloured flowers. I'm never all that happy with photos I take of snowdrops either so I'm going to have to do a bit of experimenting to see if I can do better. There’s plenty more buds on the apricot so I've got something to experiment on!

It’s also time for Sue to get her paintbrush out and do some insect impressions to pollinate the flowers. No self respecting insects will be about so early in February.


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