Wednesday, 24 February 2016

RHS Harlow Carr

Monday was a much brighter day with some decent sunny spells. There were enough clouds about at times to give some spits and spots of rain. It was still a little bit windy but certainly not as bad as the weekend. It’s now the windiest February in my records.
We decided on an afternoon visit to RHS Harlow Carr. It was a lovely sunny afternoon but chilly in the shade with a cold stiff breeze. All the usual culprits were in flower, snowdrops, crocuses, irises, and hellebores.
Against a lovely blue winter’s sky, the bare branches of the trees provided some good photo opportunities.
The visit to Harlow Carr convinced us to make a start tidying up our greenhouse on Tuesday. It was lovely and warm in the greenhouse in the February sunshine which brought out even more of the apricot blossom.
On such a lovely afternoon it’s difficult to resist the urge to start sowing seeds. The forecast is for some cold and frosty nights over the next few days so I’ll perhaps give it another week and see what the forecast is then before making any sowings.


  1. What a lovely flowers over there! The tree with blue sky background is really awesome!
    The apricot blooms are promising!

  2. We've got some nectarine and peach flowers almost ready to open too. I'm hoping we might get some flowers to set fruit.


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