Thursday, 11 February 2016

Chitting the Rest

As it was a lovely sunny day I decided to move our seed potatoes from the garage into the greenhouse to chit. These varieties are listed below with a brief description of each.
These have all been placed onto a greenhouse shelf and covered with a couple of layers of horticultural fleece to keep the worst of any cold and frosty weather at bay.
Casablanca will be the first to be planted late on in March if weather conditions allow otherwise as soon as possible in April. I always think it’s better to plant when the conditions are right rather than on a set date in the year.


  1. Tried Winston for the first time last year - in tricky weather they produced a really good crop of huge early potatoes that cooked well. For us the only downside was that they got big very quickly so that we didn't really get many whole new potatoes for the plate which for us is an early seasonal treat. Casablanca has performed well for us too. This year we have Rocket which is fast growing with very short space-saving tops - in a good year we can be eating these at the end of May from a mid-March planting (in light soil in the SE & a lot of luck!).

    1. We tried Rocket last year and didn't have much success. Casablanca easily outperformed it so we came to the conclusion Rocket didn't like our clayey soil. We're growing Casablanca as our early variety this year although we won't have any ready by the end of May more like the end of June for us. I might try a few roots in some buckets in the greenhouse for some early new potatoes.


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