Saturday, 27 February 2016

Something Old Something New

It's been rather cold over the past few days. On some days we've had lots of sunshine but Friday has been different as it's remained cold but without any sunshine.

On Thursday we set out to capture some images of the world famous steam locomotive The Flying Scotsman. I suspected there might be a few more enthusiasts turn up than for your average steam locomotives. In no way did I anticipate the large number of people who would be there.
We've visited Moor Road several times over the last few years. Usually there will be maybe two or three other cars parked up but on Thursday there were no parking spaces left by the time Flying Scotsman was due to arrive.

However things hadn't gone according to plan for The Inaugural Run and the train was delayed because of people trespassing on the railway in an effort to get the best photo. So the train had a helicopter checking that the line ahead was clear.
After our efforts to capture some images of Flying Scotsman we decided to head to Farmer Copley's for some lunch. We'd finished our lunch but as we arrived back at our car we spotted some lambs in a field next to the car park. Of course we couldn't resist the temptation to take some photos and videos of the lambs playing.
My videos of The Flying Scotsman is below followed by a short one of the little lambs.

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