Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Turned Out Wet

The weather has certainly changed although I’m not sure now it’s for the better. Tuesday for most of the day was rather mild and muggy after a little bit of over night and early morning rain. Around lunch time the sun attempted to break through the cloud but the clouds won.

Our peppers and aubergines haven’t really enjoyed the last month of cold nights in the greenhouse and so we decided to pick the lot as some were starting to rot.
The remaining tomatoes were picked so the greenhouse is now cleared of its summer crops. As we finished clearing away the sky darkened threatening some heavy rain. It didn’t arrive until early evening along with some thunder.
A rate of 80 mm/hr will give us October’s average rainfall in 30 minutes. Fortunately it didn’t last too long and the day’s total came to 16.0mm (0.63”) our second wettest October day I’ve recorded. The wettest was 03 October 2010 with 17.4mm or 0.69”.

We’ve more heavy rain forecast for Wednesday.


  1. Still mild here, Martyn, just south of the Humber, and very moist! It's always a mix of emotions when the tomatoes and other greenhouse crops are cleared out. To me it really is the last remains of summer.

    1. We had a drop more rain today so the month's off to a wet start. Along with removing the summer crops from the greenhouse the trees are really taking on their autumn colours now - a sure sign that winter is on its way!


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