Friday, 9 October 2015

A Final Strim

After a rather wet few days Thursday turned out much better with some long sunny spells. After a chilly night it took a while for the temperature to warm up a bit. With only a light wind it felt pleasant in the afternoon sunshine.

We had planned a trip to the plot in the afternoon. It has been a few weeks since the grass was strimmed. It was desperately in need of another trim.
There is definitely a look of autumn on the plot now. The leaves from the plum trees have turned yellow and are now falling to the ground. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that we were harvesting plums.
In the middle of the afternoon there were some very dark clouds over the motorway. It looked for a time that we might get a heavy shower but luckily the rain stayed away.
It took me most of the afternoon to finish strimming the plot. I still need to do the edges of the beds but I will do them over the next few visits.  
I’m wondering if this will be the last time I need to cut the grass this year. Perhaps just one more time.


  1. Sign of Autumn! May be one more grass cutting work....hahaha,....

    1. The grass seems to grow when nothing else will.

  2. I can hardly believe it is October. I have to cut grass as well, but it is raining and I can't. I hope it would be the final cut, though, I doubt. The temperatures are around 16°C. Everything is so green.

    1. No rain forecast for us for a week or so but we are getting heavy dews so any long grass remains wet all day. The trees here are definitely taking on their autumn colours.


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