Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sunny and Mild

Friday started off like the last couple of days very dull and wet. Then just after lunch time the clouds dispersed, the sun came out, and the temperature lifted to 17.8° C or 64.0°F. The mild sunny weather tempted me out into the garden. There wasn't much I could do as the ground was wet and very squishy and squelchy.
After a dry spell of weather it’s been a rather wet week with 16.8mm (0.66") of rainfall and whilst that’s not a great amount it’s easy to forget that in October things don’t dry up as quickly as they do in summer. Especially with a few damp and dreary days thrown in for good measure.

As it was reasonably mild I decided to give our bird feeders a good clean out before winter really sets in. Too much wet weather seems to make the feeders a bit gunged up where the seed is dispensed. Hopefully they will be alright to last over winter now.
It’s now back to the time of year where the best of our bird photography is done from the comfort of the house watching the birds come and go to the feeders. Our little wren wasn’t a bad start.


  1. Lovely wren photograph. We've had quite a few birds in the garden over the past few days, including (so my eldest informs me) a coal tit, which he is thrilled about. He even has a couple of blurry photos to prove it. A glorious day of sunshine today, I got the garlic in down on the plot.

    1. My wren picture was going to be a coal tit which regularly visits one of our feeders except when I have my camera trained on the feeder. Our little wren appeared so I took its photo instead.

      Our weather various between damp, misty or even foggy and cool or lovely mild and sunny if we're lucky and the mist lifts.

  2. Hope little wren enjoy the food! ;)

    1. It likes to pick up the bits other birds drop from the feeders.


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