Tuesday, 20 October 2015

At Last Some Sunshine for Our Late Veggies

We were treated to some long sunny spells on Monday. It made a welcome change from the dull and dreary weather of the last week. It was a little bit milder too as in the afternoon sunshine the temperature managed to reach 14.2°C or 57.6°F

In the middle of summer we had a rather long spell of dry weather. It meant planting in the plot was almost impossible. The ground resembled concrete and planting and sowing were delayed for a few weeks until some rain arrived. Eventually some brassicas and peas Onward joined our late sown carrots Early Nantes. In another vacant part of the plot we planted a few lettuce plants. These were a mixture of Tom Thumb, Red Fire and Little Gem.
To be honest we didn't really expect to harvest anything from these late sowings. To date we've managed to harvest one small head of calabrese Monclano a few small carrots and our lettuces are doing a good job of supplying some tasty leaves for salads and sandwiches. I think our peas are on borrowed time. They have flowered and produced a few small pods. We'll need some good weather for them to produce some peas.
Still it seems that sowing and planting past the recommended dates might keep us supplied with some fresh produce for a few more weeks especially if we avoid any night-time frosts.

For the record here’s the listing of our late sowing and planting times.


  1. Wow! You have kept record of your seeds sowing activities! It's really good idea!

    1. Hi Malar

      It can be quite a challenge to keep my sowing and planting records up-to-date. I do find it very helpful for deciding when to sow seeds next year.

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