Monday, 19 October 2015

A Dull and Dreary Weekend

The miserable weather continued through the weekend. My weather station managed to record only 30 minutes of sunshine all weekend. The last seven days have resulted in a miserly three hours of sunshine.
Sunshine hours are recorded under BS Hours
The weather didn't stop us making the trip to the plot on Saturday. We changed our minds about harvesting a couple of quinces as a test. The fruit looked a nice golden colour so we decided to take the plunge and pick all the fruit on the tree. These have now joined our apples stored in the summerhouse. There's a few quinces that need to be used quickly and I'll make apple and quince crumble as soon as I can with them.
On Sunday we had a trip over to Lancashire to visit the East Lancashire Railway’s autumn gala. The weather there wasn't any better. It was misty over the top of the Pennines on the way to the gala.
Once there the weather wasn’t any different to home with heavy cloud and occasional light drizzle. It didn't really spoil our day but it wasn't a day for standing about waiting for trains. We kept on the move.
The steam locomotives seemed to want to add to the damp and misty weather by departing stations hidden in clouds of their own making.
Hopefully we will see a little bit more sunshine next week.


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