Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Second Cropping Fruit

We don’t seem to be able to string a few decent summer days together this year. Monday was nice with some decent sunny spells and pleasantly mild with nothing more than a gentle breeze. It didn’t last into Tuesday which was duller with a strong breeze making it feel pretty cool at times. We got showered off the plot after it threatened rain all afternoon.

When we picked the last of our ripe figs a couple of days ago I mentioned that a second crop of fruits were already forming but I’ve no idea whether these will produce a crop before the weather turns too cold for them to ripen.
It’s not the only fruit in the greenhouse that’s trying to produce a second crop. Some of the longer shoots of our Himrod grapevine, which have avoided my secateurs, have flowered for a second time and have produced some tiny bunches of grapes. I’m sure these wont get to maturity but I might leave one little bunch to see what happens.
For comparison our main crop grapes are now almost ready for eating. Perhaps another week or so.
For the second year in a row our Invincible pear tree growing on the plot hasn’t lived up to its name and having flowered reasonably well and set some fruit in the end all that fruit fell off. We noticed a few weeks ago some flowers on the tree obviously much later than normal spring flowering pear blossom. Those flowers have set and we have some tiny pears on the tree. Not very many, maybe half a dozen. 
Rather strangely this is exactly how the tree behaved last year and late on into the autumn we did manage to harvest a few small but tasty Invincible pears.

I wonder if we have any other second cropping fruit that I haven’t noticed. 

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  1. Oh what fun to grow exotic fruits - figs and grapes, fabulous! My grandfather grew red grapes and made wine etc but we haven't thought of it yet as we don't have room for that dream greenhouse...we can dream. Sorry your pears are letting you down but boy those wee figs are trying to make up for it, what hard working fellows :)


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