Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Tuesday wasn't anything special for August. We've now had 17.6 mm (0.69”) of rainfall without a 24 hour dry spell. We didn't have much rain just a gentle shower around teatime.

At the back of our home greenhouse we have a row of cordon apple trees. Although they get cut back on a regular basis they still seem to grow out of control. This year it's the turn of our Bramley apple to produce a good crop. I've been expecting apples to drop through the greenhouse window at any time. The recent rain and breezy weather have already resulted in apples falling from the tree. These finish up cut and bruised meaning they need to be used very quickly.
I don't think the apples are ripe because the pips are still white. I always assume once the pips turn brown the apples are ready to pick.

Still if left on the tree the apples will fall off and in a couple of days left on the ground they turn into a nasty horrible brown mush. We decided it might be better to pick them and see how long we could keep them in good condition. We haven’t decided where to keep them yet.
I was pleasantly surprised by the weight harvested which amounted to 15.5 kg (34lbs). We've a few windfalls that we didn’t box up which will need to be used straightaway in a crumble or apple pie.

Most of the other apples we picked were in good condition and some a decent size too.
At least they won't fall through the greenhouse roof this year.


  1. That's a good harvest. Lots of apple tarts etc will be perfect for the Autumn weather.

    1. We've some nice blackberries to go with them too.

  2. that's quite a crop.... I have a small very new brambly apple tree with about 5 apples still hanging on for dear life...All the others have dropped of perhaps better luck next year....

    1. We've a small tree on the allotment that hasn't managed to produce a single apple this year. It did alright last year though. I've decided its best to pick apples before they fall off the tree.


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