Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dangerous Picking

Wednesday didn’t live up to the lovely start to the day. Up until lunchtime it was lovely and sunny and the promise of a hot August afternoon seemed to be on the cards but in the early afternoon the clouds rolled in and by teatime it was dull and drizzly. It stayed on the mild side though.

I made a trip down to the allotment on Wednesday afternoon to make sure our plot tomatoes in the greenhouse didn’t go short of water. I thought I'd pick some raspberries, plums and apples that we're ready. Picking our Oullins Gage plums is a dangerous operation. As soon as the plums are ready their skins tend to split and this lets in the wasps for a free meal. It means you have to be very careful picking plums or you can easily grab a handful of wasp. I managed to pick a couple of punnets without annoying any wasps. 
I also harvested some lettuces that haven’t hearted up yet. We've renewed our sowings in our raised bed at home so we are short of lettuces and salad leaves at the moment. It seems silly to buy some salad leaves when we have lettuces almost but not quite ready down on the plot. If I don't pick some of these lettuces before they're ready I will have a row of two dozen all ready at the same time. If that happened some will go to waste so I think it's better to pick some before now. I picked one Tom Thumb and two Little Gems which will be used in a salad tonight. The lettuces were pulled up root and all and with a drop of water in the bucket so they will keep fresh for a few days if needed.
I watered the tomatoes in the greenhouse and checked to see if any had turned red. They hadn't. A few Sungold will soon be ready but no large tomatoes are turning red yet.


  1. The same thing is happening to our fig harvest this year... the birds and the wasps are eating more than we are.....

    1. At least the wasps haven't found our Victoria plums which are just ripening to perfection.


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