Saturday, 7 December 2013

Some Harvesting

Friday was dull and a little cooler but thankfully much calmer so we decided to check for any storm damage on the allotment and harvest a few fresh vegetables.

Our greenhouse and shed had both survived Thursday’s gale intact as indeed did all the other greenhouses and sheds on the site. So after a quick look around we got on with some harvesting.
Sue cut some cabbages, one of which was a whopper weighing in at 4.5kg, as well as picking some sprouts. The red cabbage is a variety called Huzaro which is supposed to remain in good condition when cut if stored in cool and frost free conditions. The garage will be a good test for this claim.

Meanwhile I set about digging some more carrots, parsnips and leeks.
These Early Nantes have grown pretty big, so big that one root snapped off as I lifted them leaving half of the carrot in the ground. These have had a quick wash to make them a bit more presentable for kitchen use. There is a little bit of slug damage but nothing very serious. Then it was the turn of our parsnips Gladiator.
The first few parsnips I’d lifted last week were affected by canker. It wasn't too bad and once peeled the roots were good to use but I was wondering would the remaining parsnips be better or worse than the ones already lifted. As it turns out these were much better with hardly any canker or forking at all and a good size so I'm now hoping that the rest of the crop will be as good as these.

All in all not a bad harvest for the beginning of December.

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