Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Cold Anniversary

Friday wasn't too bad a day. It was cold and sunny in the morning with clouds gradually thickening up and the wind increasing in strength as we moved form afternoon into early evening.
The 20 December marks the fourth anniversary of the coldest day recorded by my weather station. At 08:00 on the 20 December 2010 the temperature had fallen to -10.3°C. It did warm up a little bit through the day making it to a rather chilly -2.5°C at best. Thankfully that remains the coldest temperature I've recorded. For comparison purposes here’s the same weather chart for that day in 2010.
It’s difficult to believe it could have been that cold in December especially as this year the temperature has hardly dropped below 0°C let alone stayed below freezing all day.

Our herbs came ready frozen that year. This year our rosemary is in flower in December in marked contrast to four years ago.
This is my blog post for that coldest day


  1. It was freezing that year. Such a difference in your rosemary, how lovely to see it blooming in December.

    1. Next doors geraniums are still in flower too. Those sledges you bought seem to have done the trick!!


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