Monday, 23 December 2013

On Alert

Sunday ended up not been a bad sort of a day after early morning rain cleared away. It was a blustery day with some sunny spells. We decided not to go to the plot to harvest our fresh vegetables for Christmas day. With the whole country on rain and wind alert that might have been a bad decision. If Monday turns out to be as bad as it’s forecast there might just be a harvesting window on Tuesday.
As you can see the forecast for Tuesday is sunny, cold and windy just the sort of weather for picking a few Brussels sprouts. 


  1. Just been to Sue's and seen all your fantastic array of vegetables, I'm so envious. Hopefully you can pick what you need tomorrow. Today has been wet, wild and windy here in the southwest and the ground is absolutely sodden. The fence is hanging in there on a wing and a prayer. I hope you manage to get your Christmas veggies at some stage.

    1. Windy and wet here too but we seem to have missed the worst of it today. Tuesday will be the day!!!


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