Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Missed Most of Monday’s Bad Weather

As it turned out Monday wasn't the best day to visit the plot and harvest our Christmas dinner vegetables but compared to other parts of the country we got off very lightly. It was a dull, windy day with rain on and off for most of the day but nothing too drastic 8.8mm and certainly nothing out of the ordinary for the middle of December. We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings now as more rain and strong winds are forecast.
Overnight Monday into Christmas Eve it was windy around midnight but then died down into the early hours of the morning. Another 3.8mm of rain in the early ours of Tuesday have lifted our monthly total to 47.6mm which is nothing out of the ordinary. Christmas Eve morning is breezy with some sunny intervals looking a possibility so it looks like harvesting some fresh vegetables should be on for this afternoon.
As it wasn't too good outside, on Monday we shared some indoor kitchen duties. I made a couple of pies. The one on the left is beef and onion in red wine, a little different from the steak and ale pie which seems to be very popular at the minute. Alongside it is a greengage pie. This is a first I've never tried them in a pie before probably because we've never had such a good summer harvest. I'm not sure the fruit is firm enough to stay put once a slice of pie is removed. I’ll soon find out.

Sue used up some of our red cabbage, Huzaro to make one of our favourite vegetable dishes braised red cabbage.
We just need to make a dash down to the plot sometime on Tuesday to harvest a few fresh vegetables.


  1. That beef pie looks and sounds delicious. A very merry Christmas to you both too.

    1. Boxing Day treat.

      Merry Christmas to you all over at "The Good Life"


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