Sunday, 1 December 2013

End to an Average November

Friday was dull and windy with a little bit of rain. Saturday finished off the month with a day of sunny spells with the wind easing down considerably.

November for us has been pretty average weather wise. We've had a few light frosts, but nothing very serious, mixed in with a few lovely mild sunny days. It’s been drier than we might expect with 38.6mm of rainfall about 50% of what we might expect.
By the end of the month the average monthly temperatures for 2012 and 2013 were exactly the same at 6.7°C but this year the start of the month was much milder than last year cooling off later in the month. In 2012 we started off with a cold snap at the beginning of the month with milder temperatures following on.
In our front border we still have some colour. This self seeded antirrhinum is still flowering its socks off unaffected by any of the light frosts. Around the back of the house which is more shady through autumn and winter it’s a slightly different story.

Our banana and gunnera leaves have certainly been caught by the frosts and are looking a little bit worse for wear. They’ll just finish up turning really brown once we get our first hard frost.

Our Acer which looked like this a couple of weeks ago
Now looks like this
As we move into December winter proper begins although I think that January and February are always the coldest of the winter months. Time to browse the seed catalogues and sort out what goodies to buy for next year.

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  1. Frost make the banana leaves dry... I have no idea about that. They have wax layer covering the leaves. I think they will stand on.


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