Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Giant Veg

Monday continued the spell of mild December weather although once again it was a cloudy dull day.

On the plot this year we seem to have grown some rather large winter vegetables. Our carrots and cabbages have produced some giant sizes this year and the latest to add to this list is our parsnips - Gladiator.
I’m not going to claim that the whole row of parsnips are this large but I'm amazed that firstly the parsnip root actually managed to go so deep into the soil and secondly I managed to dig it up without breaking the root. So far our giant sized vegetables haven’t lost any of their flavour due to their size.
A bit of a wash and these two look good enough for the supermarket shelf except that they probably break the supermarket code of practice on size. Being this big they wouldn't fit on the shelves nicely. The smaller looking parsnip is  more like the size I expect to be harvesting. The three parsnips weighed in at 3.5kg.


  1. Wow! You'd never find something as wonderful as this at the supermarket. Enjoy!

  2. They must be putting something in the water over there. What a whopper.

  3. Nice sized Parsnips, I've usually sown Gladiator until this year and achieved some good specimens, tried a different variety this year & they were pretty dismal. So its back to Gladiator in future.

    1. We tried White King a couple of years ago but the results were disappointing compared to Gladiator. So we stick with Gladiator too.


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