Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Someone Has To Do It

After a dull morning, Monday afternoon turned out to be bright, sunny and cold.
On the plot, I decided it was time to sort out one of our compost heaps. The one I intended to sort out was one of the bins where we had dumped all our weed growth from the last year or so.

I converted this:
Into this:
I confess that there doesn't seem to be a great deal of difference between the before and after picture. The top of the heap was moved into the adjacent bin to get to any decent compost that had formed at the bottom of the compost pile. Sure enough at the bottom of the pile was a good fork’s depth of good compost.
I dug out 15 barrowful's of good well rotted compost and moved it to various parts of the plot to be spread out and left over winter for the worms to incorporate.

My plan now is to repeat the process with the adjacent bin. I'm hoping all the partially decomposed material will all fit in one bin leaving an empty bin for all next year’s weeds. 


  1. Isn't your own made compost beautiful stuff? I've never had better crops than those I've grown in home product - disese free and so vigorous.

    1. Great stuff isn't it John. Just takes some time and effort to produce but well worth it.


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