Friday, 15 November 2013

Job Done?

Thursday was another sunny day but with a strong bitterly cold wind but we still decided on a trip to the plot. I wanted to dig a bit more of the old blackberry bed whilst Sue removed the remnants of the wild flowers growing in the adjacent bed. 
This is how our blackberry bed with the wild flower meadow (annual flower bed with weeds which are wild flowers aren't they?) along its left hand side looked a week ago. It was certainly in need of renovation. The area has had a great deal of effort put in over the last week and now looks ready for some serious growing.
All the blackberry has been removed (apart from the roots which I'm sure will regrow) and the ground dug over. Before the bed is planted it will certainly need digging over again to remove lots of roots I'm sure I will have left in the ground. There were very substantial roots of docks and nettles to remove as well as blackberry roots. In some areas I used a pick to prise the mass of roots out of the soil.
This is typical of the roots I was trying to dig out which had taken over this bed. I think I’ll leave it over winter now and in spring dig it over again removing as many roots and weeds as possible before I erect some fencing to train the blackberry on.

I know that Sue wants a major sort out of the flower border with our black elders and roses in. That’s going to be another tricky operation to try and get done before next spring.
I'm not sure I know where to start on this one. I think it will be dig everything out except for the roses and elders then replant the bed once it has been cleared and dug over.

Good fun this allotmenting lark isn't it!


  1. You have been working hard! And there's more hard work ahead I think. Hope you both have a lovely weekend.

  2. Great job for the digging. I think the soil is already to the next


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