Sunday, 10 November 2013

All Sorts

Friday was a murky day but I managed a trip to the plot to do a little bit more sorting out of the blackberry bed refurbishment.

Saturday promised to be a day of sunshine and showers but it didn't stop us making a trip to Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales. At its best it was a beautiful if cold November day.
There was always a threat that in a few minutes the weather would change for the worse.
When it did it became rather unpleasant with heavy rain or sleet which fortunately only lasted for a few minutes but certainly gave everywhere a good soaking.
Heading back home on the A66 the temperature by 16:00, as the light faded fast, had fallen to 0°C on the car thermometer. The gritters were already in action. Autumn is turning into winter but it didn't stop us having a good day out.
My excuse for this trip I admit was to photograph a steam train as it worked hard on its way up to Shap summit. I think it’s the last one of the year. I must admit Sue takes pretty decent pictures.


  1. Stunning pics, the last one of the train is simply superb :-) The gritters were out over here on the Yorkshire Wolds last night !

    1. Everything came together just right for that train shot. Ten minutes before it came the rain was pouring down. Wouldn't have got out of the car!

  2. I agree, absolutely stunning pictures. How envious I am of your proximity to such beautiful countryside. I'd love to visit Cumbria again. The drive home to a warm house and out of the cold and dark looks wonderful. I love the feeling of arriving back again after a good day out.

    1. We both enjoy a day out in Cumbria, The Yorkshire Dales or The North Yorkshire Moors. All have some stunning scenery whatever the weather.


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