Monday, 11 November 2013

Plenty of Sunshine

Sunday was a lovely crisp November day with sunshine all day. It was a cold frosty start and it never really got very warm with the temperature only managing 7.9°C

After Saturday’s day out we decided on an afternoon at the plot doing a little bit more tidying up.
I always like to get as much tidying up done at this time of year before any seriously bad weather sets in as it’s a no lose situation. There’s nothing growing or seeds to plant so any time spent now isn't to the detriment of anything else on the plot.
This section of the plot is now looking much better as the laurel and conifer to the right have been trimmed back and the path between them and the kiwi  has been refurbished using weed control fabric with bark chippings on top. This should be much easier to keep tidy than the grass path we had before. The row of primroses in front of our kiwis have been planted through fabric too to keep weeding down to a minimum.

The line of posts to the left used to be for our summer raspberries. These all died in the spring of this year (detailed here) and we've still to decide on exactly what to replace them with as we can’t grow raspberries again in this bed.


  1. It's all looking very organised. I'm still waiting for that dry spell...

    1. It looks much better now. The next few says are forecast to be dry for us so I'd better get the grass trimmed.


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