Sunday, 24 November 2013


Saturday was a nice late autumn day with some decent sunshine but rather cold.

We popped down to the plot in the afternoon to replenish our stocks of fresh vegetables. Well wrapped up it didn't feel too cold in the afternoon sunshine but ice still remained in the wheelbarrow from the overnight frost.

I blogged about our excellent crop of Chantenay Royal carrots last week and we decided to dig up a few more roots today. Once again we weren't disappointed.
These two giants came in at 0.450kg and 0.539kg and were surrounded by several smaller carrots. They hadn't achieved this size due to being thinned out and having plenty of room to grow. We don’t thin out carrot seedlings. We harvested just a fork’s width of row.
In total we harvested 3.0kg of carrots from that fork’s width. Once rinsed under the tap they looked as good as anything the supermarket might have except that they would more than likely be rejected for being too large.


  1. Wow, they're huge. I really must try carrots again next year, they look delicious and really perfect as well.

    1. A bit of a surprise. I'll be growing them again next year.

  2. Fantastic... Absolutely a huge carrot. So lovely. I try to plant carrot in the container, so the yield aren't good enough. I have to try and try more.

    1. I've tried growing in small containers without much look although I know some people get some really good results. They do use really large containers.

  3. Wow, your carrots look stunning. So huge. Mine were like needles... Happy week!
    Greetings from Finland,


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