Saturday, 16 November 2013


Friday was dull and cloudy but reasonably mild with the temperature making it to 9.9°C in the afternoon. We had a visit to the plot to do some more tidying up before the weather turns colder as it’s forecast to do next week. We’re just about on the southern extent of the snow showers at the moment and I'm hoping it stays that way. The forecast doesn't seem to be anything too extreme just what we might expect towards the end of November.
Sue took this picture of our rather giant Kilaton cabbages the other day. This is a club root resistant variety and if you look closely you can see the stems and minuscule heads produced by cabbages that aren't listed as club root resistant.  The large expanse of visible weed control fabric is another testament to how badly the “other” types of cabbages performed.

I’ll certainly have to keep a record of the beds that are badly affected by club root and avoid planting brassicas in them to try to reduce the chance of this happening again.


  1. Wow... the cabbages look so stunning. It's so difficult to get good performance of cabbages in my rainy season right now.

    1. Our cabbages will rot if they get too much rain - especially if the weather turns cold, wet and frosty.


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