Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cold and cloudy

Friday saw the wind die down in the early hours of the morning. It was cold and cloudy with more showers following the theme of the month. There were times during the day when it looked like we might just get a real heavy downpour but we missed any really heavy rain.
The rainfall for this month is now starting to mount up. Even though we haven’t had any spells of ‘real’ rain only lots of showers we’re now up on the average amount of rainfall for December. My weather station records a “storm” total for rainfall which is simply the total amount of rainfall that has occurred until a 24 hour dry spell is recorded. This amount has now reached 33.0mm. We haven’t had a day in December without any showers.

At the moment as the weather is pretty awful for doing anything outside we are re-vamping our main web sites. As part of the re-vamp I was re organising some of our video and thought just for something a little different I’d add some of the video from our visit to North Wales back in September. First up is the Welsh Highland Railway filmed when we visited Caernarfon.


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