Friday, 2 December 2011

Winter begins

In meteorological speak the 1st of December marks the start of winter. It’s started in much the same way as autumn went out, mild and pretty breezy at times.

There’s lots of comments in the press and on TV anticipating a drought in certain areas if the winter turns out to be dry following on from a dry spring, summer and autumn.
Whilst I'm not entirely sure that we fit in with the areas suggested in the Sky News article we do fit in with the low rainfall. At the end of November we have only had 58% of our expected rainfall over the last 12 months. I guess that unless we get some really wet months in a row to get back to 100% is going to take quite a while.
So far in 2011 February has been the only month to exceed the expected monthly rainfall. Mind you it was wet and we had double the expected rainfall. April was our driest month with just 2.4mm of rainfall.


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