Sunday, 25 December 2011

What a difference a year makes!

Christmas Eve was another mild day with some decent sunny periods. Last year the run up to Christmas was bitterly cold with daily average temperatures below freezing. Our pond was well and truly iced over with only the filtered water keeping a small part of the surface ice free.
Ice covered pond 24th December 2010
No such problems this year with the mild spell of weather and daily average temperatures around 10°C higher than last year our pond is certainly ice free.
Ice free pond 24th December 2011
Last year’s picture looks much more Christmassy and this year’s picture isn’t helped with the building works going on to provide a base for our new summerhouse. 

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  1. It is must be very cold and some of the plants are difficult to survive in your garden. Maybe you can place a grow tent in the garden if you want more vitality plants.


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