Saturday, 24 December 2011

A wet day

At times we had some heavy rain today, enough to make it our wettest day for just about 10 months as 11.2mm of rain fell. It was most rain in a day since the 26th February 2011 when we had 11.4mm.

Last autumn with our freezers full we still had some apples to store. As a bit of an experiment we filled up the salad compartments of our old fridge freezer in the garage to see just how long we might be able to keep these apples. There were several varieties and all kept well stored in the fridge. We had enough apples to fill all the shelves with apples too. We’ve been using the apples to eat and make pies throughout autumn and into winter.
These Golden Delicious from the salad drawer have been made into apple tarts for a Christmas treat. A few sultanas and a hint of nutmeg was added to the fruit to give it that festive taste.


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