Saturday, 25 November 2017

Mild One Day, Cold the Next

After a couple of mild and windy days the weather has turned colder again. On Wednesday much of the north had lots of rain but luckily we missed most of it.
Temperature, Wind Chill and Rainfall Records 22-24 November 2017
The forecast for the rest of November is for the weather to continue cold and to be mostly dry. So despite some flooding, not that far away from us, we could finish up having a dry November. We have had 22.0mm (0.87in) of rainfall up to the 24th of the month set against an average of 66.0mm or 2.6in.

The milder weather was accompanied by strong winds which I expected would clear the last of the remaining leaves from the trees. It did its best but a few leaves have survived to be blown off another day.
We made the most of a sunny spell on Thursday to catch the first steam hauled Christmas charter train of the year heading to York. No sooner had 46100 Royal Scot passed by than the heavens opened.
Our next gardening task is to lift our dahlia tubers and store them somewhere dry and frost free over winter. It looks like it might be a cold job.


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