Monday, 6 November 2017

First Below Zero

Monday morning saw the temperature fall below 0°C (32°F) for the first time this autumn as thermometer recorded -0.3°C or 31.5°F.
Temperature Record for 06 November 2017
It's not unusual for this to happen in the first week of November. Over the last seven years this is now the fourth occasion that the temperature has fallen below zero in the first week of November. 
Frost on our home greenhouse
Sunday was a lovely sunny although cold day but we made the most of the fine weather with a trip to the allotment. Sue did a bit more tidying up and I emptied one of our compost heaps.

Sue picked some chrysanthemums for cut flowers at home. I wonder if they managed to survive Monday morning's frosty weather?


  1. At least 3 sub zeroes here. Mysteriously the dahlia flowers and foliage still hanging on! The building must be sheltering them.

    1. So far just the one below zero here. Hoping our dahlias and chrysanthemums on the plot survived to give us a few more cut flowers. Plan to check them out on Sunday.


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